mercredi 22 décembre 2021


 Évidement tous ces disques ont été chroniqués sur

The LAISSEZ FAIRS - Curiosity Killed The Laissez Fairs?, (Rum Bar Rds)

ELASTIC HEADS - S/t, (Echo Canyon Rds)

NO STRANGE - ... E continuerò Ad Esistere, (Area Pirata / Psych-Out Rds)

BELLE PHOENIX And The SUBTERRANEAN SEA- The Glorious Dead, (Beast Rds / Spooky Rds)

CINDY - 1:2, (Mt.St.Mtn Rds / Tough Love Rds / Paisley Shirt)

GLORIA - Sabbat Matters, (Howlin’ Banana / Le Pop Club / Outré / Modulor)

The REFLECTORS - Faster Action, (Time For Action Rds / Beluga Rds / Snap Rds)

SNAPPED ANKLES - Forest Of Your Problems, (Leaf Label)

You Didn't Think We Could Take It! Vol 2. A Tribute To SUBSONICS (Mandinga Rds)

BARMUDAS - Every day is saturday night, (Area Pirata)

A/LPACA - Make It Better, (Sulatron Rds)

The GRUESOMES - Cave-in!, (Alien Snatch Rds)

The LONELY DOGS - In Your Face, (Autoproduction)

VEIK - Surrounding structures, (Fuzz Club Rds)

VIEWS - Mother Tapes Anthology 1986/1990, (Area Pirata)

The MOFFS - Newest - Entomology, (Green Cookie Rds)

EDGAR SUIT - Despite all humans, (Dangerhouse Skylab / Hell Vice I Vicious Rds / Bad Health Rds)

The ROUTES - Mesmerised, (Action Weekend Rds / Bickerton Rds)

The TELESCOPES - Songs of love and revolution, (Tapete Rds)

DROPKICK - The Best Of, (Sugarbush Rds / Sound Asleep Rds)

The MODESTY BLAISE - S/t, (From Lo-Fi To Disco)

PALMIYELER - Ben​-​Hür, (Green Cookie Rds)

NIGHTSHIFT - Zöe, (Trouble In Mind Rds / Modulor)

RATS ON RAFTS - Excerpts from chapter 3: the mind runs a net of rabbit paths, (Fire Rds)

MAGON - Hour after hour, (Howlin' Banana Rds / December Square / Groover Obsessions)

TV PRIEST - Uppers, (Sub Pop / Modulor)

Meilleure réédition de 2021 :

DOMINIC SONIC - Cold Tears, (Crammed Disc)

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