dimanche 18 décembre 2011


TOP 15 (ou 16) de 2011 /

WENDY JAMES “I came here to blow your minds” (Cobraside Rds)
OWUN « Le fantôme de Gustave » (Autoproduction)
HIGHT ASHBURY “Here in the golden rays” (Lime Rds)
ELYSIAN FIELDS “Last night on earth” (Vicious Circle)
COWBONES “To speed shock spoken irregular new verb by” (Ossatur Rds)
KLEVELAND “Harder” (SAOL/H’Art/Zebralution)
The FEELING OF LOVE “Disolve me” (Born Bad Rds)
ICHLIEBELOVE “Life-enhancing solutions” (We Are Unique Rds)
KITCHMEN “What’s cooking” (Arsenic et Champagne)
FLIPSONG « Real cool Pop » (Revanches Music)
MARSREDSKY “S/T” (Emergence)
The LOVE ME NOTS “The demon and the devotee” (Bad Reputation Rds)
THIS WILL DESTROY YOU “Tunnel blanket” (Monotreme Rds)
The SICK ROSE “No need for speed” (Area Pirata Rds)
BELLRAYS “Black lightning” (Fargo)
The GALILEO 7 “Are we having fun yet?” (Teen Sound Rds)

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